Responsible Mining


Minerals and metals are a part of everything we do every day and on every scale– from sporting goods to smart phones, from fresh water to how you get to work, from growing and transporting food to the kitchen and home where you feed your family

If you can’t grow it, you have to mine it.

Steel is part of our everyday lives:

Almost everything that makes modern life possible uses
steel components – and that means using steelmaking
coal to produce them. This rare but incredibly important
resource is only found in a few places worldwide, and Canada is one of them.

Steel has supported prosperity across our country and steel is also a pathway to prosperity for developing countries. Demand for steel is not expected to decline as billions of people across the globe seek to improve their standard of living.

Metallurgical Coal

Metallurgical coal is the only way steel can be made at any scale and a large amount of steel will be necessary to support our transition to a more sustainable future.  This aspect cannot be overstated.  Steel is a significant part of our journey to a low carbon society. There is no near term substitute for coking coal in the steel making process, and therefore we cannot meet increasing demand without coal.


Steel is used in tractors, barbed wire, and irrigation systems.


Trains, ships, and vehicles of all sizes require steel.


Clean Energy

Wind turbines and solar panels use steel as part of their fabrication and construction.